ECD has developed a complete and coherent offer for the international markets.

The distribution of a range of identification accessories represents an essential complement for companies already active in this field and selling printers or software.

This allows us to offer a much more complete service to agencies, businesses, institutions, schools...

ECD offers products that comply with international standards, have consistent characteristics, and are packaged and inventoried in a consistent manner. The items are kept in stock in sufficient volumes to meet orders without delay, from the central warehouse. Everything is possible: shipment from a parcel (a U.C., packaging unit), palletization, loading of containers or trucks.

The price list specially designed for export markets allows you to buy at the best cost, without surprises,
and avoiding the stress of "exotic" purchases.

ECD exports to more than 20 countries. The commercial and administrative team is trained in the specific techniques related to international trade: formalities, transport, regulations.

Our network of authorized distributors in foreign markets is at the disposal of local customers to offer a local service. ECD products are available in stock, or can be ordered and delivered very quickly, at the best conditions.

The products are strictly identical to those offered in France. There are few things that you will not find.

The main advantages of the ECD distributor network: FAST deliveries, COMPETITIVE prices, COMPLETE and EASY service

Contact us to know your distributor. We will give you the best welcome.