The company, has more than 30 years of projects

In 1989, a visionary decided to produce in France the badge holders and accessories that had been imported from the United States. He created ECD for Europe Concept Développement, which has become the signature of creativity in the field of identification and access control.

Soon, at the cost of investments and a lot of energy, ECD became the market leader. Then, during the last 20 years, under the impulse of a rejuvenated team, new products have been created and new technologies have been integrated in order to offer a complete and performing service.

In 2018, as the 30th anniversary is approaching, ECD and its team of PROS are more than ever the unavoidable partners of major players in the event industry, access control, general services, administrations and communities, tourism and leisure.

The team


Alexandre GAROT
Agency Manager

Sartha Keita
Commercial and ADV

Stephane BEGUE


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